You Don’t Need to be Apple to be a Profit Making, Lead Generating, Kick Ass Company!

Whether you have a love or hate relationship with apple, you have to admit one thing- they are successful. So successful that they are the world’s most valuable company!

The Apple Magic and Why You End Up Buying Apple Products at a Premium

queue outside apple store

Long queue outside Apple store to buy Apple products on launch day. © Eddie Shannon

There is something magical about Apple.

Every time Apple releases a premium gadget- be it a phone, a tablet, or even an mp3 player, people buy them.

Apple has such a loyal fan base that even if they simply change the colors and release a new phone with no new features, people will end up buying it- making the company even more money.

How’s apple able to do this? What makes it the most valuable company on the planet today?

Apple had a visionary leader; it doesn’t try to sell mobile phones or tablets, it sells a truly memorable experience.

Now, does that mean your business need to sell something as drool-worthy as apple products? If you do a plumbing business, does it make sense to install high end pipe fittings produced from your R&D lab? Do you have to be a visionary genius like Steve Jobs to be a company that has loyal customers?

No, no, and no!

Why You Don’t Need to Aspire to be Apple?

You see, most businesses don’t need to focus on being Apple- in fact, you don’t need to be focused on being anything other than being a customer centric company that delivers exceptional value.

If someone uses your product or service and it makes their life better in some way, you have won; you have created a company of value and exceptional growth potential.

There are millions of small and medium businesses around the globe that are successful. True, you might not be celebrated as a visionary leader, but if you created something of value and impacted hundreds or thousands of lives, you have succeeded in creating a valuable company.

How to Command Apple-Like-Pricing for Your Product or Services?

apple logoYou have a great business. Your product or service is truly amazing and there is no reason why someone shouldn’t buy from you. Yet, you are not able to generate lead flow and convert enough customers to get your business growing.

Or maybe you have enough customers, but you can’t command a premium like Apple. Why is that so?

People don’t buy products for their actual value; they buy products based on their perceived value!

Compare apples laptop to a laptop from Lenovo or Dell or HP. You’d probably get the same specification and build quality for Lenovo or Dell or HP products for half the price and yet, a lot of people buy apple MacBook’s.

That’s perceived value. They assume that getting a MacBook is of higher value compared to getting a laptop from other companies even if in reality, that might not be the case.

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