Me!My name is Adarsh Thampy. I was born on May 09, 1989 in Trivandrum, Kerala.

Quick Intro: I am a digital marketer, speaker, and a start-up guy with close to a decade of hands on knowledge about SEO, Content/Inbound marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, and marketing strategy.

I have been a contributor/quoted on several popular publications online. Some of them being
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The following is my long story- Life, business lessons learned, and where I am today after close to a decade of business experiences.

Circa 2002- School & My First Sale!

I am in 8th class. Since I was born in a lower middle-class family, for me, the concept of pocket money did not exist. One of my classmate then was interested in computer games and he used to buy lot of magazines which cost huge money (at that time), just to get demo CD of games.

Although entrepreneurship didn’t run in my blood, I saw an opportunity to make money. I went to an internet cafe that charge you by the hour. Made friends with the guy running the café and convinced him to download a few games off the internet and burn it into a CD ROM which I can then later sell for a profit- on a profit sharing basis.

This worked well for some time, until someone who got annoyed with me making money this way complained to my class teacher. She wasn’t too excited that I was trying to make money while I should be “studying”. She called my parents and asked them to advise me against doing business in school. This marked the end of my “business activities”- at least for the time being.

Circa 2004- Internet and (Trying to) Make Money Online

10th board exams are a huge thing in India. Everyone made it seem like if you don’t score good marks in your 10th board examination, you are doomed for life. Everyone’s in a race to score marks, including me to a small extend.

I had a friend (who shall remain unnamed), who always seems to have lot of money and he could buy anything he wishes. His parents are very rich (both parents are reputed doctors). That got me thinking.

I can’t get money from my parents. I can’t do any more business in school either- then how can I make some money?

Then I turned to the internet!

I kind of tried out almost all money making activities on the internet that didn’t require you to make any investment. Pay per view emails, bux sites that pay you to view ads, surveys, referrals, and what not. They did pay me- but it was less than a few dollars for several hours of my time. It was simply not worth the effort.

I dropped the idea of making money by myself- again, for the time being.

Circa 2005 Beginning- Creating My First Website

In India, there were a lot of companies that ran successful web design business. If they are successful, there should be a large enough demand and I could get a small portion of that pie- right?

My first website was born!

Guess what it was about? Web designing! Yes, my first website was a website about creating websites- when I hardly knew anything about building websites. I took a free theme, dabbled with some HTML and got a free hosting to set my website up.

Long story short- it didn’t go well. My dreams- shattered again.

Circa 2005 End- First Stint with Blogging

One fine day, one of my close friends talked to me about a guy who seems to be earning money sitting at home. He even quit his comfortable high-paying job to work from home. That seemed very interesting- if he can do it, why can’t I?

Google it is again. That’s when I stumbled upon something called “blogging”. There were people making thousands of dollars simply by blogging. That seemed awesome. I mean, writing articles and making money sounds cool- it can’t be that hard, right?

I started my first blog and pasted some AdSense ad into it. To earn money fast, I started clicking on my own ads. After a few days, AdSense banned me- rightly so.

Circa 2006- In Love with WordPress

My first WordPress blog happens. Even though my first blogging attempt failed, I was not yet ready to give up. I explored blogging platforms and started little bit more seriously.

Long story short, after 8 years of starting my first blog, I have built and sold several blogs in various niches- health, education, technology, gaming, web hosting, business, marketing, and even micro niches like 16 channel mixers.

Circa 2007- First Consulting Client

I used to be very active on online discussion forums. One day, I got a private message from a user who saw me contributing a very insightful answer to a forum discussion thread. He asked me if I’d like to do some SEO work for his website. Since I was already doing SEO for my own websites, I thought it wasn’t a bad idea after all.

Circa 2010- First Job Out of College & Million Dollar Project

Joined Ernst & Young as a Voice over IP Engineer after a very rigorous selection process. I got to play around with high end routers and big clusters. It was partly exciting since I got to do R&D for a mobile device management solution.

I started a computer networking blog around this time. Soon, it started attracting a lot of organic search traffic and I started getting interview request and consulting gigs. I was inexperienced to take on such projects and politely declined them.

One day, I got an email with a contract for a networking implementation project in Dubai. The project would have netted me more than a million dollar in profit had I the skills to implement it. That’s when I realized the power of blogging.

Circa 2011- My First Startup

Even though I am a computer science graduate, I soon realized tech job was not for me. Not that I didn’t like the job, just that marketing was much more exciting.

So I went around looking for a marketing job. Most companies I approached, including EY which I was working for at that time, said no since I didn’t have a MBA degree to my name. After a few months of marketing job hunt, I finally gave up.

Then, I had a very drastic idea. How about I quit and start my own business? No one can say I can’t do marketing there, can they?

That’s how my first startup happened. It was a real estate portal for my city. Although it didn’t do very well, it was later on acquired by a real-estate investor. More than the money, what I valued was the learning that I got from running my own business.

Startups and Beyond

After my own startup, I went ahead and worked for another startup which was venture funded. After 14 months of handling marketing there, I decided to move on to find more challenging opportunities. I also briefly tried working in another startup in the marketing automation space where I did handle marketing strategy, little bit of sales, as well as product management.

Right now, full-time, I do consulting- for startups as well as SMB’s.

What’s Next?

Digital landscape is changing- very fast. My career trajectory hasn’t exactly been a very conventional one. So the future is also very much undecided. I love consulting and probably will be doing it for the next couple of years to come. In the long run, I’d love to do a product startup when things fall in place.

How to Get in Touch With You?

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