Is Blogging The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Tool?

Inbound marketing is such a trendy word these days.
blogging inbound marketing tool
Everyone wants to get involved with inbound marketing because they hear so much good things about it.

You know what? What you heard is absolutely right!

Inbound marketing is really powerful for your business. It’s not only revolutionized the way people think about marketing their business, it’s also brought businesses and consumers closer. More like a nice ecosystem.

Now, this post is not about inbound marketing in general. It’s more about the tools we use to accomplish our goals.

Is Blogging The Ultimate Tool for Inbound Marketing?

Yes and No!

Ah, now you are thinking it’s unfair. I didn’t give you a clear cut answer as you expected. Let me ask you one thing. Do you really want me to give you an answer that may or may not work for you or be upfront about the truth so that you can make a better informed decision?

I’d choose upfront information over a maybe type answer. And that’s what I am going to give you.

I wrote previously about business blogging and its benefits. For most businesses blogging can be their ultimate inbound marketing tool.

However, for some businesses they may find blogging to be a waste of time. Yeah, you heard me right. In certain industries blogging can prove to be a not so effective way of gaining customers.

Now, i am not going to make a list of industries that should and shouldn’t blog. It’s because each industry behaves differently in each region.

When Blogging Doesn’t Work?

OK, let me tell you a real life story.
blogging failed
There is a certain movie theatre in my area. They wanted to attract more movie goers to their theatre. The problem is they didn’t know where to start.

So I asked them to try a hand at blogging (including training them on keyword research). I also made sure that they understood about providing value and that blogging isn’t about self-promotion.

They started blogging about present movies, upcoming movies, interesting theatre experiences, and so on. It went on for about 6 months.

When the data was analyzed all they had was around 30 people reading the post and the bounce rate was pretty high as well.

Then I advised them to try social media. Guess what? They struck gold with Facebook. People started engaging with them on their Facebook page, started providing feedback and they started to build a loyal following.

Whether blogging will work for you or not largely depends on the demographics of your locality. If you have a local business, you might need to check if your target audience is open to consuming blog contents. If not, switch to other mediums.

Should The Sole Focus Be On Blogging?

No. Although blogging works extremely well for 95% of businesses (yeah, I made up that %, but I can assure you that blogging works for pretty much all industries except a few), you should not treat blogging as the only inbound marketing tool.

Twitter, Facebook, bookmarking sites, and other social media sites can all act as inbound marketing tools. Learn where your customers hang out and target those areas. Drive traffic from these networks to your blog to build up a sizable community.

Over to You:

Is blogging your sole inbound marketing tool? Or do you find success with other medium? What’s your strategy? Let me know in the comments.

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