Business Blogging is Dead… If You Are Out Of Business That Is!

Isn’t it amazing that people come to strange conclusions year after year about blogging and marketing in general?

Some say blogging is dead, some say traditional marketing is dead, email marketing is dead, and some say well the whole paid business model is dead (and everything should be free and open source).

Well, I am not so sure about these statements. In fact, I think they are downright wrong (funny too in a sense). My personal story is a proof that blogging can work for almost anyone.

Why Blogging is Not Dead?

You can argue all you want, but blogging is simply not dead.

start a blog trend

Increasing trend for the term “start a blog”

People have been claiming the downfall of blogging for the past several years. It’s kind of like the end of the world prediction. Each time they predict the end of world and it doesn’t happen, it gets shifted to a later date!

People started asking questions about the death of blogging back in 2004 or well beyond that. Now if someone says that it’s not dead yet (mind you the post was from 2004 and some of the hyperlinks on the article no longer work), that means there should have been a lot of speculations about the death of blogging then.

Fast forward to today and blogging is not dead yet. I don’t see it dying for several years to come either.

But Adarsh, I hear that a recent study conducted by The Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth claims that blogging usage has declined across INC 500 companies.

Why the University of Massachusetts Study Shouldn’t Be a Concern?

business blogging growth graph

Business blogging slows down for INC 500

I am not saying the study is flawed. All I am saying is that it’s not something you need to worry about.

INC 500, Fortune 500, whatever companies on the top you take, most of them still don’t get what blogging is! My friend Marcus wrote a great post on this topic recently.

INC 500 blogging study

Again, indicates the decline of blogging

There are a couple of reasons why INC 500 companies might not even need to care about blogging

  1. They already have millions of dollars to pour into traditional advertising medium which has worked well for them
  2. After the Obama administrations early initiatives, there are several government organizations on the INC 500 list. These organizations do not necessarily need to use blogging to get business (15% of those in Government Services have adopted blogging compared to 37% overall adoption according to the study)
  3. Their social media presence is better than maintaining a blog. I know I would rather follow a company twitter account or rather their Facebook page rather than following each company blog

Not all companies look down upon blogs though. A few companies have really embraced content marketing and have started to make a difference. “Coca Cola” and “Procter & Gamble” comes to my mind as prime examples. Content is not limited to writing. It’s about creating high value articles, case studies, compelling videos, powerful presentations and so on.

You are not INC 500. You don’t have millions of dollars or the brightest marketing minds (other than you) to work at promoting your business. So if you stop blogging because blogging is losing popularity among INC 500, how else do you expect to gain customers online? Small business internet marketing is best achieved through content marketing, and a blog is at the core of this strategy.

Social media you say? Well I have news for you. Social media is not very effective for a large number of businesses. No matter what social media gurus or agencies trying to selling you their service say, social media is yet to mature in terms of gather a buying audience. Not to mention Facebook making changes that will put your hard work of building a community on face, a waste, unless you start paying Facebook for reaching our audience.

People go to social media sites to get entertained, share things, and not necessarily to solve a problem or buy things. Of course, this might change in the future, but for now it’s a cold truth you need to accept.

Agree that you could get onto Facebook or Twitter or whatever to build a brand and engage customers (which you should be doing anyways). But then again, does it make sense to continue doing it if you are not getting any ROI from these activities?

To Do or Not to Do, Is the Question about Business Blogging

blogging success

This actually shows blogging success is higher in 2011 even with lower number of people blogging. That means higher success for individual blogs!

There is no absolute answer as to whether you should adopt blogging for your business. Although content marketing is very powerful, you must evaluate your options carefully.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide to start a blog for your business.

  1. Do you want complete control over your content and own it forever?
  2. Do you have the time to write at the least 2 articles a week on your blog?
  3. Are you open to criticism?
  4. Do you like to open up a two way communication channel with your customers and prospective customers?
  5. Do you see yourself writing blog posts for several years to come? Or can you hire a content editor for your blog who can write for years on the topic?
  6. Can you provide value via your blog? Instead of posting self-promotional material are you ready to help solve people’s problem without expecting anything back?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you may NOT want to blog. Mind you, blogging and content marketing are very powerful tools to build your business and skyrocket sales.

The reason why many people don’t get around the concept of business blogging is because most of the time it takes a lot of time and effort to build momentum with a blog.

Your business blog will not be a success overnight unless you are a widely accepted brand and you have absolutely amazing high value content on your blog.

However, if you put in effort and have patience, blogging is certainly going to bring you results. So don’t lose hope and stop blogging. If you haven’t already, start now.

Is your business blogging?

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  1. says

    Yep. It seems some businesses try blogging for awhile and when the results they are after aren’t forthcoming, they reach a conclusion (blogging, this thing doesn’t work. Just a waste of our time and energy) instead of looking at it as just another setback (and coming up with a solution). Everything may not work, the way we want initially. But it is not always about falling a few times and giving up. It is about enjoying the journey and accepting that, even though things may not work the way we expected them to, eventually – if we keep working at it (learning from successes and failures), things get better and better (and that’s when you can be glad all the noise about the ineffectiveness of business blogging didn’t stop you from charting your own path and keeping at – to blog, experiment, analyze and keep refining your processes).

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