Why “SEO is Dead” Claims Hold No Water

Over the past few months, I have got several emails inquiring about my SEO services- some from SEO practitioners and some from business owners. One important questions they wanted me to answer was… Is SEO dead? With so many changes Google is introducing, is it even worth going the search engine optimization route?

The Ultimate Link Building Guide for Small Businesses

So you want to build links? If there is one thing small business owners get frustrated when it comes to SEO is- ranking their business websites for their desired keywords. And, to rank websites, you still need one thing. Links; lot of high quality links. So, for all you DIY small business owners out there, […]

How Not To Do Link Building For SEO?

If you are doing SEO, then link building is something which you cannot avoid. And, even if you are 100% whitehat, you must admit that in reality 100% whitehat SEO is possible only in an ideal world. Google says that any kind of link manipulation is not white hat. So let me ask you, which […]

How Law Firms Can Use Social Media To Gain More Business?

This is a guest post by Helen Laird. Law firms and solicitors often don’t use Social media, or if they do use it, they probably don’t make the most of it. According to an audit, released late last year by LexisNexis Martindale Hubbell, few law firms are actually making regular, meaningful use of their social […]

SEOmoz Pro Review: Is SEOmoz Tools Worth Paying For?

Update: SEOmoz is now Moz. The new Moz review is coming soon! In this SEOmoz pro review, I’ll try to give you a complete overview of the tool, whether it’s worth the monthly fee and how you can make the best out of it. What’s SEOmoz? SEOmoz, as most of you might know, is considered […]