Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

Aj KumarA must read if you are new to content marketing – AJ Kumar, Co-founder of Single Grain.

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Content Marketing is the only marketing left – Seth Godin; American entrepreneur, author and public speaker

Enough said about content marketing. It’s time to act.

I have created this free e-book for people to get started with content marketing. Even if you have moderate experience marketing online, this e-book will guide you in the right way.

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this e-book.

As one who lives, eats, and thinks about content marketing day in and day out, I can clearly say Adarsh Thampy has impressed the heck out of me with his thought leadership in the field. Pure and simple, the guy is a great teacher, and this is reflected in his excellent eBook that is well-written, formatted, and full of some incredibly important information about this wonderful medium that is content marketing.

If you’re looking for value, especially considering it’s FREE, this eBook is for you!

Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

steve scott I’ve been a full-time blogger and Internet marketer for the last six years. During this time, I’ve learned the #1 key to success is content marketing. If people don’t enjoy (or find) your content, then you won’t get subscribers, make sales, or have ANY decent presence online.

Your “Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing” provides a thorough step-by-step plan that any person can use to build a LARGE following. The area I found especially useful was the section where you talk about converting content readers into actual buyers. This is useful because LOTS of readers don’t mean a thing if they’re not making product purchases.

Finally, I like how you wrapped things up with the 15 ways to profit from content marketing. This gives readers a quick way to take action on the report you’ve provided.

Overall, I highly recommend the “Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing.” – Steve Scott