7 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips You Can Use On Your Landing Page Today

One of the best ways for you to improve your conversion rate is to change your landing page. If your landing page is already performing well, then you have to tweak it so that you can improve your conversion. Normal landing pages usually convert at 6-8%, but you can always optimize your conversion and aim for better conversion rates or improve your conversion rates, if they are lower than this level. Here are 7 conversion rate optimization tips you can use on your landing page today:

1. Look And Feel

The overall look and feel of your landing page will determine your visitor’s impression and trust toward your product. So, be sure to make the look and feel of your landing page appealing and professional. Why? That’s because it is important for you to make your visitors to “love you at first sight,” which means that you should make them to get interested towards your offer from the start, even before they read your headline.

2. Video

Video sales letter is proven to increase conversion rate in many sales pages. So, you have to consider adding a video in your landing page, just for the sake of increasing your conversion as well as making your landing page more interactive and “alive.” Record yourself talking to your visitors and explaining your offer or make an interactive video that will guide your visitors toward your offer.

3. Graphics

The graphics that you use in your landing page will significantly increase your landing page’s look and feel. You know, good graphics will please the eyes and soften people up to be persuaded by your copy. Therefore, it is always good for you to invest small amount of money to buy a professional graphics to enhance the look of your landing page.

4. Fonts

The fonts that you use for your landing page will also affect your conversion. Imagine using a Courier font for your landing page! It will make it look like a web page from 1945. Do you agree? Well, it might actually hurt the conversion rate that you have, especially if you’re selling “modern” product. So, consider using cool fonts for your landing page.

5. Price

The price of your product will either make people want to buy it or not. When pricing your product, think about your audience. If you’re selling a business product (such as software or anything else related to business), you might sell it with higher prices as long as you give the equal value for it. However, some people are trying to rip people off by selling products at a higher price, while delivering only little value. This is a wrong pricing strategy. If you want to convert more of your visitors, put the right price for your product.

6. Call To Action

Do you actually ask people to buy your product? How do you ask people to buy your product? Do you “force” them to buy or do you simply “inspire” them to buy? It is always better for you to persuade your visitors to buy rather than forcing them to buy. Why? That’s because people don’t like to be forced to do anything. So, if you can tweak your call to action so that it persuades your visitors rather than forcing them, then you’ll be able to improve your conversion rate as well.

7. Offer

What do people get from buying your product? It is always better to give free products along with their purchase so that you can persuade them to buy more. At least, people will see that they’re paying for something higher quality rather than something decent. If you don’t plan to give people any bonus, then consider lowering your price. It will help you to increase your conversion rate more effectively.

Finding what works?

After making changes, how can you measure the results? The answer is A/B Testing. The use of A/B testing has seen a significant rise, over the last few years. A/B testing is even being used to help publishers improve ad revenues and improve mobile apps now. Similarly, you can use Popular A/B testing applications like Optimizely and Experiment.ly to measure the performance of the changes you’ve made to your landing pages.

Those are 7 conversion rate optimization tips that you should apply in your landing page. Those tips can help you to improve your landing page conversion significantly.

Author Bio

Michael is a Social Media consultant offering Online branding to local business. He often split tests ads for his clients to get maximum ROI.

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    The more interactive your site is the better conversion rate you will have. Photos and videos can rarely go wrong and make sure you are telling the prospective client something different and unique than what they’ve heard before.

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    Good tips!

    I totally agree. Though we still have to put those items wisely. I believe that correct usage and combination of all those tips will increase your landing page rates dramatically.

    Thanks a lot!

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