7 Powerful Ways to Create Content That Sells

Create content.

Create unique content.

Create engaging content.

If you have already embraced digital marketing or thinking about taking your business online, these are some of the statements you probably hear all the time.

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you’d have noticed a similar pattern here as well. I advise small business owners to create valuable content all the time.
creating content that sells- content marketingWith most businesses starting to embrace content marketing, the demand to showcase the effectiveness of this marketing method also increases.

And how do you show that content marketing works?

By creating content that drives sales and increases business profits.

Now, the question remains. How do you come up with content that increases sales? Isn’t content supposed to be informational and not sales oriented? Isn’t sales copy supposed to sell the products and services?

While traditional means of marketing still works, the demand for pull marketing where you don’t have to chase leads through cold calling or advertising is increasing. With Google focusing on ranking websites with great content, the demand for content generation is also on the rise.

In this post, I’ll guide you through 7 simple tips that will help your business start creating content that sells, starting now!

7 Powerful Ways to Create Content That Sells

#1: Create Content That Solves Real Problems

Before you start creating content, think from the user’s perspective. Why should a user spend time consuming your piece of content? Everyone is busy and do not have time to waste. So what’s in it for them?

Your content should solve pressing problems your audience is facing. It must provide solutions that can help them overcome their problems.

After all, you are in business because your product or service helps others overcome their problems and makes life easier for them.

Let’s assume you are a realtor. What kind of problems does your client face? Are they confused about buying new house vs. an old one? Do they require information regarding choosing the best neighborhood according to their needs? The possibility is endless. Create content that helps people overcome obstacles and make their life easier.

magnetocommerce CTA

magnetocommerce.com implements CTA effectively by asking people to sign up for their webinar.

#2: Create Content That Drives People to Take Action

What good is content if it fails to get people to act?

Did you help a person choose between top loading and front loading washing machine? If you sell washing machines, wouldn’t it help if they bought washing machines through you?

Every piece of content you create should have a primary call to action. It can be as simple as sharing your post on Facebook, subscribing to your newsletter, download your free e-book or even submitting a sales enquiry.

#3: Create Content That Excites People

You don’t have to create breathtaking videos or write controversial articles to excite your readers.

A simple how to guide that helps people solve their problem in a unique way which they never thought of is still exciting for most people.

If you are in the business of selling cameras and lighting, how about creating an educational video/article which explains creating a DIY lighting kit for videographers for under 100$ as opposed to spending thousands of dollars for a professional kit? That definitely sounds very exciting to me!

Target your customers and create exciting content for them to consume and engage with you. Whether you are creating fancy videos, infographics, or just about any piece of content you can generate, make it exciting.

Your audience should feel thrilled to consume it.

#4: Create Content That Educates

BHphotovideo.com educating users

See how BHphotovideo.com is educating users via their insights blog

The problem with most business owners is that they tend to create content that is self-promotional in nature.

While it’s good to tell your audience that you managed to achieve huge benefits for your customers, doing it over and over again turns off the reader.

Instead of simply tooting your horn by saying that you helped Client ABC achieve 125% business growth in 3 months, publish a case study. Not only will the case study help your audience try out new things, it will also boost your brand loyalty.

#5: Create Content for Your Ideal Customer

See if you can answer these questions

  • Who’s your ideal customer?
  • How old are they?
  • What’s their gender?
  • How often do you see them purchasing from you?
  • What’s your ideal customer’s average household income?
  • How long will a prospective customer take to convert into a paying customer once they get into your sales funnel?

In short, create a persona of your ideal customer.

Once you identify your ideal customer, create all content for that single customer. It’s easier to talk to a single person rather than trying and talking to a crowd.

#6: Utilize the Power of Crowdsourcing

You know you should create content that solves your customer’s problems. However, how do you know exactly what bugs them? Sure if you run a car showroom, you may know that they need a car, they are confused about choosing a car, or even about the price.

But do you know that some of your customers want detailed comparison of 3 different car models in your showroom? Did you know that they might go for a higher end car with automatic transmission instead of manual if they knew the difference between the two?

In order to solve customer problems, you have to dig deep into their minds. The best way to do this is to talk with the sales/client servicing team. They are the ones who regularly hear objection from customers.

Understand the problems your customers are facing and create educational content around them. Once they understand the benefits and the value your product or service provides, it will be easier to close the sale.

Get your whole team to participate in the content brainstorming process. You’ll be surprised with the amount of content ideas you can generate with this approach.

#7: Utilize Different Mediums

Video vs. image vs. text: which works better for your audience?

Or does a hybrid solution work for your audience?

Depending on the demographics of your audience, different content platforms work differently. For some sites video does not work, while for others, it’s the best sales generation tool.

Always be ready to test different mediums and see works best for your audience.

Over to You:

How do you create content that sell? What are the challenges you faced during the process? Let me know in the comments.

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    The best content in the world still needs to be promoted to get people to take action when they get to your website. These tips are great but many people need to build a bridge and get over asking people to take action and hire them or buy a product. One thing about the “big” companies. They ask constantly.

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