7 Ways to Get Your Prospects to Buy From You… Every Single Time

how to get people to buyIt was 2 AM in the morning and I was still lying on my bed wide awake. I haven’t been able to make up my mind; should I go ahead or not?

You see, a few days ago, I had come across a promotional email which announced the fact that one of the SAAS product I was using is going to increase their fees. I should lock in on a yearly plan within the next few days to continue with the same pricing.

Now, as any rationale buyer would do, I started on the cost-benefit analysis. Do I really need the product and is it worth the time and money? To be honest, I didn’t think the product was critical for my business; I didn’t know if I’d keep using it for the next 1 year. Then what was it that was causing unrest?

The fear of losing out.

What if I wanted to use the product for the next 1 year? What if I didn’t upgrade and they increase the price so much that I cannot afford to keep using it? What if… You get the drift.

I am sure you can relate to a many such instances where you bought something you didn’t actually need. This article is about dissecting those behaviors and using the persuasion strategies that worked on you (and will keep working) to sell your products or services to your prospective customers.

7 Ways to Get People to Buy Your Products or Service

 #1: Know your audience like the back of your hand

A lot of people get surprised when they find out that my site, conversionchamp, has a steady flow of highly qualified consulting leads even though I haven’t put much work into the site for the past 2 years. They think, conversionchamp is an overnight success and I got lucky.

What most people miss out is that I know my site audience like the back of my hand. That’s exactly why, I can do minimum work and extract maximum returns.

I have created and sold websites and have been doing online marketing for close to 7 years before I created conversionchamp. I had worked previously with my target audience very closely, and had a very clear idea about their pain points. That’s why, I was able to pull off high quality lead generation with minimal effort.

If you want to sell your products or services to your site audience, start with getting to know them well. A few questions you should be able to answer about them

  1. What’s their biggest paint point?
  2. What tools and services do they currently use?
  3. Can you offer a product or a service that helps them solve their pain point?
  4. Can you write articles/sales copy that your site visitors can easily connect with?
  5. What kind of content do they typically want to consume?

#2: Let others do the selling for you

Imagine this; you are about to get married and you want to know the best band to hire for your wedding. Some of your close friends recommend a band and you check them out. It seems they are good, and you hire them. Sounds familiar?

People call this word-of-mouth, social proof, and other fancy terms. Essentially it all boils down to this- people trust people; they want someone else to make their choice for them; and if it’s someone they already trust, all the better.

If you have a product or service, get testimonials from your users. Display it prominently on your website- especially on the sales page. If you want to take things one step further (especially B2B), do case studies about how your product/service has helped your existing customers.

Stop trying hard to sell; let others do the selling for you.

trust on the internet

© New Yorker cartoon by Peter Steiner

#3: Become their friend first; then sell

The internet is home to a lot of people- both good and bad. How do you trust someone over the internet? That’s why you need to be friends with your prospects before you actually try to sell stuff.

That’s why content marketing is so powerful. It helps build trust and do subtle sales without annoying your prospects.

If you are not capturing leads, start doing it now. Create a set of auto-responders to nurture the relationship with your leads. Once they are warmed up and they start responding to your communication, pitch your product or service.

#4: Provide immense value

Do you know who the easiest set of people to sell to is? People who have purchased from you in the past!

Yes, repeat buyers are the easiest to convert and can prove to be extremely loyal customers. Customer loyalty done right, can result in your customers turning into your advocates and sending more business your way.

Now that’s easier said than done; but how do you get people to rave about you and get more people flocking in?

Provide outstanding value with your product or service.

There is a reason that scams don’t last long- they don’t get people excited to buy more from the same person. But legitimate businesses have an advantage. You can sell your products over and over again to your existing set of customers.

#5: Delight your customers- every single time

Whether you can provide outstanding customer support like Zappos or innovate constantly like Google, always try to delight your customers every time they buy from you.

It could be as simple as greeting them personally when they come to your site or it could be a surprise same-day-delivery at no extra cost. If you are in the service business, over-deliver on your agreement (a bonus custom-graphics on your web design project maybe?)

Heck, you could even delight your customers by delivering your goods or service ahead of your agreed delivery date.

The more you delight your customers, higher the chances of them becoming your brand advocates.

#6: Tap into people’s emotions and motivate them
motivation for buyers
It is a no brainer that you need to be motivate the prospect before they can make a purchase.

There are two kinds of motivation. Positive motivation as well as negative motivation. A good salesperson (in the online world, it’s your website), must be able to channel positive motivation and use that to motivate their prospect.

Your job does not end with showing your client the benefit of your product. Let them know about the loss they will incur if they miss out on this opportunity.

People call this, “playing with emotions”.

Logic of Buyer Motivation

Do you know what motivates people to make purchases that they themselves are not sure of? It is the feeling of insecurity. They feel that if they do not own the product, they are missing out on something. Even if they cannot identify what they are missing, they will still make the purchase.

There are people who value prestige more than anything else. They buy products that they cannot afford all the time (thanks to credit cards). My neighbor has one, so should I! If I do not have that, I appear inferior to them.

Most people do not differentiate between needs and wants. If you need a product that means you wish for it. If you want a product that means you really want that as it is indispensable for some reason.

Food is a want while a spa therapy is a need. You, as a marketer, must truthfully guide your buyer till he makes the right decision.

Many a times, people are not sure of what they want. Do you know why credit cards provide zero interest options to consumers while they have to give a cut to the merchant?

Impulse spending!

When you have a fixed amount of money with you, you tend to limit your purchase. However, when you have a card which allows you to buy for more than what you have currently, you fall for it.

Most of the time people lose track of the money they spend using their cards. Your responsibility as a salesman must not be to capitalize on the weakness of your buyer. It must be to help them realize their needs/wants and provide them with a solution that will genuinely help them.

One mistake every small business owner makes is that they consider their product/solution has a huge explicit market. It may or may not be true. The reason why I say this is because, once you start selling, you come to know how reluctant people are to buying things from others. Even though your product/solution is a real killer deal, you may fail to find a buyer. The reason as I mentioned before, is the inability of the buyer to understand the problem.

Some problems are evident while some are not. People are ready to pay for solutions to evident problems but reluctant to pay for those problems which cannot be seen or felt currently. When you give your car for service, you want to take care of all the issues which you might not find explicitly. This is a kind of hidden want. Help your buyer plan for the future. Your product/solution must be able to eliminate any future problems for your customers.

Motivating a buyer is a simple process when you look at it from the outside. However, when you start at it, you will understand the complexity of the matter. Here are some tips to motivate a buyer

  • Make sure you let your buyer know what’s in it for them- people hate surprises when it comes to the products or services they paid for. No hidden fees!
  • Help them uncover their need. Talk about something your prospect can relate to and say “Aha! I have the same issue”
  • Ensure you have an updated portfolio in case you sell services
  • If you are competing on price, make sure you let them know how “cheap” you are when it comes to price but not in terms of quality
  • Give them an estimate of the cost and turnaround time- Be crystal clear on whether these are likely to change as the project proceeds. To be safe, always provide a higher cost estimate so that clients can budget accordingly
  • Assure them of quality work. Let them talk to your previous clients if required
  • Stick to your deadlines (Better- deliver before your deadline)
  • The classic- Under-promise and over deliver
  • Be professional in your dealings. If a client is difficult to deal with, politely part ways
  • Give them personal contact details in case of future issues

In the online world, we have copywriters. They play with words and turn those words into money. Some have their uncanny way of making their words sell. If you have an online business, you need to understand well the mind-set of an online buyer. If you are not good at writing persuasive copy, hire someone who can do it for you.

#7: Be genuine; stop relying solely on tactics

You know what’s short term? Tactics!

Yes, certain tactics work neatly for certain time periods, but most of the time, they stop working at some point of time. Also, tactics don’t leave that everlasting impact on your customer base.

Sure, you could increase conversions by changing font-size or color or even redo the copy, but how long will they last? Once people get used to the change, you need to change again to convert more people.

Don’t fall into the trap of constant optimization only. Be genuine. Use proven strategies like amazing customer service and a truly awesome product/service to build your customer base.

Over to you:

How do you get people to buy from you every single time? What challenges do you face in converting prospects to customers? Share your secrets with me via the comment form below.

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  1. ieda says

    I’ve a problem to make a sale through the direct selling techniques..
    I’ve try all the things that i should be done..
    But, i still fail..
    Can you help me.??

  2. says

    So the Fear of Loss is a huge way to grab those closes. You covered a great amount of psychology that I would encourage anyone to look in depth into.

    I have checked out a few pages on the blog, Brought here via your hubspot info post, All good stuff. I will continue reading and subscribe.

    Also, Who designed the Logo? I like that a lot.

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