Hubspot Alternative Set Up Service

Some entrepreneurs value their time so much that they end up paying thousands of dollars for services that takes away all the technical stuff from them and gives them a nice integrated platform.

If you are one such entrepreneur looking to take advantage of inbound/content marketing and is looking for a platform like Hubspot but cannot afford it (or you don’t think spending thousands of dollars for a platform is not really wise), this service is the right bet for you.

I’m also giving away my SEO audit services as a bonus with each package- That’s massive value!

Fill out the form below with your requirements and I’ll get in touch with you.

If you are strapped for time and you can make more money using the time you spend learning how to do all these instead of hiring me to do it for you, wouldn’t it be a good deal to just carry on with your business and let someone experienced do the job for you?


What if I already have hosting and domain name?

If you already have hosting and domain name, you could choose to let me set up everything on your own infrastructure of let me choose a reliable hosting and set it up there for you.

What happens when the payment term expires?

When you get hosting, domain name, CRM subscription etc, it will be prepaid for the number of months/years as per your package. Once the contract expires, you can choose to renew them with your credit card.

What if I want to cancel after I have purchased?

If I haven’t already started work on your project, you’ll be issued a 100% refund. If I have already started the project, you’ll be issued a refund based on how much effort I have already put into the project.

Do I have complete control of everything?

Yes. Once I hand over the accounts to you, you are free to change the password and not disclose it with me. You have complete control of all aspects of your website right from hosting, domain name to the analytics or plugins.

Can I choose a theme?

Yes you can. You can choose from any of the studiopress themes available. Access to studiopress is based on the package you choose.

Will you customize my site design?

Minor customization like footer copy, adding navigation bar etc will be done. However, major changes to the site design will be billed extra at the rate of 50$ an hour.

I need extra functionality. Can it be done?

Yes. However, anything that’s not mentioned in the package will be charged extra @ 50$/hour for technical work and 100$/hour for marketing related tasks.