Optimizepress 2.0 Review

optimizepress 2 reviewAfter 2 years of active development, Optimizepress 2.0 has finally released to the public. In this Optimizepress review, I will cover the features of the software, whether it’s the right software for you, and give you a live demo of the site with OP 2.0 installed.

There are a few glitches as well, which I will cover in this review. No software is perfect- the same goes with Optimizepress. As and when the software gets updated and issues fixed, I’ll update this review. You can also see screenshots of the software towards the middle of this review.

What is Optimizepress?

For those who are not fully aware about this software, it’s a theme/plugin that works with WordPress to create

  • Lead capture page
  • Sales page
  • Full-fledged membership site
  • Webinar landing page
  • Download page
  • Blog posts

And just about any other kind of page you’d want to create. The software has inbuilt templates with great looking designs. These templates not only look great, but they also follow conversion optimized design patterns- meaning the format is proven to work.

The main benefit of Optimizepress is that it can help you create landing pages in under minutes.

Here are a few sample pages created using the latest Optimizepress 2.0

I have used the standard design template that came with the software. There are several other designs to choose from as well. They do have a club membership which will give you access to fresh designs each month- should you require it.

Optimizepress 2.0- First Impression

I have been a long time user of this software. I got this when it was version 1, nearly 2.5 years back. James (creator of this software), has updated the first version several times. However, there were several areas which needed a lot of improvement.

Most of the shortcomings of version 1 has been addressed in version 2. Here are some of the new features that I liked

  • The new software is available as a plugin as well as a theme– I am no longer limited to the design options provided by Optimizepress if I use the plugin
  • Much cleaner design– It was a bit confusion previously
  • Mobile responsive– The new design is mobile responsive, meaning, it works with devices of all screen sizes. This is very useful for improving conversions of users using mobile phones and tablets
  • Separating the membership functionality into a separate plugin. Most people do not require membership site building features- Instead of bloating the software with features most users do not want, it was a great move to port the membership features into a different plugin that works seamlessly with OP 2.0
  • Inbuilt video player– You don’t need expensive third party video players to stream video content
  • Easy integration with email service providers– As of now, there are 9 services that it integrates with out of the box
  • Integrated social sharing- no need of third party plugins. Easy to position it using the page builder option
  • Exit popups– You can quickly offer a bonus to people who decide to leave your page and redirect them to another landing page
  • Easier to create landing pages– Now it’s mostly drag and drop and you can create any sort of design you want. It’s as easy as dragging and dropping elements onto the page
  • Blog section overhauled– The blog section is now a lot better. One of the major complaints I had with Optimizepress 1.X was the lack of blogging features. The new version solves this issue. Infact, the first thing you configure once you set up the software is the blog

What I didn’t like much

There is too much emphasis on good looks sometimes. This has resulted in slow page loads and sometimes, the page hangs on slow machines. This has been improved with the latest updates to the software.

Also, I find that the page creation tool sometimes does not save the page. You’ll have to manually go to the WordPress admin panel, and publish the page. Since a lot of people complained about this issue, the development team quickly released an update which fixed the issue. Now it seems to be working as expected.

The biggest pain point with Optimizepress is the size of the software. Most themes are under 2 MB. Due to the graphic intensive nature of the theme, it’s close to 30 MB in size. While it might not be a big issue for some people, it could cause issues with certain web hosts. My web host had limited my upload file size to 2 MB and I had to go edit .htaccess file to change it (which I figured out after a lot of online searches). FTP takes a long time due to the 8000+ individual files that needs to be transferred.

Another aspect of the new Optimizepress launch I didn’t like is the pricing. Sure it’s feature rich- but it’s priced starting from $97 and it goes all the way to $297. What’s disturbing is, the only difference in these packages is the number of sites you can use Optimizepress on. You can’t use your licenses to install it on your client sites either.

Hands on

The software is pretty self-explanatory. You don’t need any guide to use it as it follows a step-by-step model in configurations and setting up pages. Nevertheless, I’ll show you some screenshots so that you can get a feel of the software. You can also see it live using the 3 links I shared above (I have installed the software on landingpagedesigninfo.com for your reference).


Optimizepress 2 is a great piece of software if you want to create marketing pages, set up funnels, or do info product launches. I’ll give it a 4 star rating out of 5. If the previous update cycle is anything to go by, I am sure the new version would be constantly updated as well.

Check out Optimizepress now >> http://optimizepress.com/


Otpimizepress 1.X vs Optimizepress 2.X- Which to choose?

If you don’t already have version 1, then you really don’t have a choice. Version 1 is taken off the market and the only available product is the latest 2.0 version.

What kind of hosting does Optimizepress require?

If you have under 2000 visitors combined across all your sites, a shared hosting from hostgator or bluehost should be pretty good. However, if you plan to send a lot of people simultaneously to the site (email simultaneously to huge lists), then a VPS from providers like Wiredtree might be a good choice.

I already have the initial software. Should I upgrade to the latest version?

It depends. If you are already happy with the software you have and you haven’t made any changes to the site in over 3 months, then it’s probably safe to assume that the new version won’t be of much use to you.

However, if you are looking to create landing pages faster and get better designs done, then the newer version might be worth taking a look.

Optimizepress vs Copyblogger Premise- Which is better?

Featurewise, optimizepress wins. Premise is cheaper (especially considering the fact that you get regular discount emails from copyblogger media). However, Premise is a bit difficult to use and design options are extremely limited.

Are there any Optimizepress discounts or coupons available at the moment?

There is a limited time discount available for existing OP customers. However, there are no discount for new customers.