Are You Using These 25 Sales Techniques to Increase Sales?

Everyone wants to start a business and increase sales as their business grows. Most people prefer online business as it is the most cost effective way to get started.

In this article, I will list out 25 of the most effective sales techniques anyone can implement in their business to increase sales and make more profits. Increasing sales volume is not just enough. You need to increase profits as well.

Increase Sales: 25 Sales Techniques That Work

Strategy 1: Use Content Marketing

The key is not to call the decision maker. The key is to have the decision maker call you. -Jeffrey Gitomer

A few years back, when you had a product or service to sell what did you do to get the word out? You tried press releases, television ads, paper ads, cold calls, banner ads, display hoardings and any other means you could afford. Business went to those who had the largest marketing budgets.

Fast forward to present day, people are no longer paying attention to the thousands of marketing messages that they come across each and every single day. With internet usage on the rise and people becoming more aware, all of these traditional marketing approaches are weakening day-by-day.

People who embrace relationship marketing, has already understood the power of content marketing. As compared to traditional methods of marketing, content marketing means getting found by prospective customers rather than trying to push your product or service to the uninterested masses.

With content marketing, there are a host of benefits

  • Pre-qualified leads
  • Lower marketing costs
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Lower customer acquisition rates

You should embrace content marketing not just for the benefits. Although it takes time, it’s what works very well now, and probably the only marketing technique that will work in the future.

Strategy 2: Use Upsells Effectively

If you are not using upsells, you are leaving money on the table. How many times have you ordered fries just because the sales guy asked you “would you like fries to go along with it?” or perhaps you were given a discount on something when you already made a purchase?

Upsells are very effective to increase sales. Once they buy from you and are in a buying mood, it’s easier to close an additional and related sale.

Many people who run online businesses give 100% commission to their affiliates on their product. Once people buy this product, they are presented with an additional high end product as an upsell. This is how many people make most of their money selling info products online.

Strategy 3: Create a Product Which Has Demand

Supply always comes on the heels of demand. – Robert Collier

This is a no brainer. Understand what your customer really wants. Is there some product already in the market that delivers the solution to your prospective customer? If not, provide it!!!

If there is already a product or a solution, try to think of a better way to satisfy the needs of the customer. This can be in the form of a better quality product. You can even bring about a twist in the actual offering to make your product more attractive.

Strategy 4: Clever Pricing Is the Key

Even peace may be purchased at too high a price. -Benjamin Franklin

Most of us who are not born to sugar daddies do price comparison shopping.

You may have a wonderful product everyone needs. However, if you price it insanely high compared to your competitor, you are going to find it hard to make decent sales (unless you are Apple).

5 strategies to price your product

  1. Do market research and understand your competitor pricing. With this data in-hand, either develop a product with lot more features and charge more, or develop the same quality product and price it lower
  2. High price can provide a sense of “high quality” since people have a deep rooted notion that higher the price, better the quality. If you price high, be prepared to deliver what your customer expects to get
  3. Similar to point #2, a lower price can indicate inferior quality. The best way is to charge higher prices by providing more value to your customer
  4. Price of a product is directly proportional to “perceived value”. If you can make you product seem superior to your competitor, you can charge a premium over your competitor
  5. Price is again proportional to perceived brand value. If you have a brand value attached to your product, people will more readily pay a higher price for your products or service

Final Takeaway: Your product is worth what your customer is willing to pay for it.

Strategy 5: Run a Customer Reward Program

You really don’t need to be a fortune 500 company to run a rewards program. Just make it a simple program where people can get discounts for being a customer and satisfying certain simple criteria’s such as

  • Being a customer for 1 year, they can enjoy 50% discount on the first bill of their second year as customer
  • Collect points and redeem points for discounts, gifts, and so on
  • 10% discount on your purchase if you shop for more than 100$

You get the idea.

Strategy 6: Advertising Is a Necessary Evil

A magazine is simply a device to induce people to read advertising. -James Collins

Many people take to advertising as a means to sell the product in any way possible. What the marketer does not take into consideration is that customers do not like to be deceived or being sold to. Advertise only the benefits the product/solution can give and never ever hype anything.

Only if your product lives up to its claims will people return to buy from you the next time.

Advertising is essential to bring your product to the spot light. Make use of the advertising medium that best suits your product and the time it is released. Radio, television, print and internet are some of the mediums you can rely upon to advertise your business.

Never give your entire advertising contract to one firm. If you have a line of products, ensure that you give each product to a different agency and do a split test on who can produce the maximum benefits.

Strategy 7: Give Out Free Samples

It’s proven time and again that giving away free samples to your customers can help you increase sales. If you have a book for sale, make a chapter or two available for free. If you sell products, give small sample packets for users to try out. If you provide a service, offer a free initial consultation.

Once your prospective customer starts using your product or service, they will have increased confidence over their purchasing decision. This will lead to a faster sale.

Strategy 8: Reach Out To Your Customers

It’s not enough that you simply advertise your products. They only make the buyer more open to embracing the product. Once you test your product, reach out to your customers and ensure that they can buy the products with ease.

Strategy 9: Looks Definitely Matter

I almost always end up buying products based on the design. Whenever I go shopping with my family, I tend to pick products with nice illustrations.

If it looks like a school going kid made the cover I am almost certainly not going to buy that product. Include a touch of professionalism and also convey the meaning. This holds true especially for food related products.

What about Apple? Apple focused on the design and let everything evolve around it. The simple touch interface, sleek and highly usable design made Apple the most valued Tech Company that it is today.

Strategy 10: What’s In a Name or Is There Much More to It? (Hint: There is much more to a name than just being a “name”)

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet -William Shakespeare

Always choose a product name your customer can pronounce easily and can remember without jumping through hoops. Take extra care to name the products in such a way that the name itself gives out the product details. The name you choose must proliferate into the mind of your target customers.

There is nothing wrong with choosing a unique name and trying to brand it. The minimum you have to do is make sure people can write it down correctly if you just pronounce it.

Do you think people who are not familiar with the car brand Chevrolet will correctly write it down if we simply pronounce it (Phonetic Pronunciation: shehv-ruh-LAY) and not spell it?

Strategy 11: Quality is King

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected – Steve Jobs

Never, ever compromise on the quality of your product. If your customer loses the trust on your brand, your business will collapse like a pack of cards.

Some people tend to sacrifice the quality to prevent price hikes. But, if needed increase the price and serve the same quality rather than producing a low quality product.  You can also choose to serve less quantity for the same price.

If you plan to stick around with your business for a very long time, any compromise on quality will never get you even remotely close to your goals.

Strategy 12: Give Your Dealers a Reason to Sell

Nothing can be more devastating than dealers refusing to sell your products. It could be that they are getting better pricing from your competing brand or that they do not see a reason as to why they should push your product. Give them good commissions and always deliver on time. This way you can build a long lasting relationship with your dealers and they will push your products more.

In the online world, we come to affiliate marketing. Affiliates are the ones who sell our products for commissions.

In the information publishing business, you can expect to give up to 75 % of the commission to the affiliates. If you give them lower commissions, they will promote your competitor who offers them a better compensation. It’s always the rewards that motivate the affiliate.

Very few affiliates promote based on value. That’s the ugly truth online. So make sure you pay 50-75 % commissions for your info products to increase sales through affiliates. Some even give 100 % commissions to build a list of buyers.

If you sell a service or a software, figure out the maximum commission you can afford to pay your affiliates while not incurring a loss. I have seen software vendors and service providers offer commissions in the range 3%-25%.

Strategy 13: Set Up Production Centers in Different Parts of the Country

Always try to diversify when it comes to setting up a production center. It is always best to have various centers spread over a large geographical area. When you concentrate more employees in one region, problems are bound to come up.

Put on your thinking cap and decide the next site for setting up a production center.

When you have an online business, it is best to diversify your support staff. It is also good to have a local presence since people will trust you more. If you have a SEO company for example, it is easier to rope in US or UK clients if you have an office in the US or UK.

Strategy 14: Diversify Your Product Range

A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets- Steve Jobs

The trick is to increase your market share in other related markets. If you concentrate on one particular product then the risk of MNC’s coming and replacing you is huge. So always spread out your line of products.

If you produce ham, produce different frozen food items, not just ham. If you have field staff and you need to make the most of them, it is necessary that you have a range of products to sell. You won’t make enough profits to pay a decent wage to your field staff if you concentrate on just one product.

In the online world, to increase sales, diversification is essential. You may have one product that teaches how to build muscle. You needn’t have the info about how to build six pack abs in the same product. You can instead have two different products.

This strategy to make more sales will help you price the two different products competitively as well as make more money through upsells or cross promoting the products to the two buyer lists you have.

Strategy 15: Listening To Your Customers Does Wonders for Your Business

Find out what they require. Why do they use the current product if they use any? What could have made their job easier? Always have an eye for details for such things.

The reason why you should be listening to your customer to make more sales is because it helps you learn the customer’s language. Once you start interacting with them and understand their problems, you will learn to convey your product marketing message in a language your customer understands.

Strategy 16: Be Unique With a Great USP

A good voice isn’t so important. It’s more important to sound really unique – Stephen Malkmus

Whatever product you bring to the market, it must have a unique angle to it. If you produce normal pencils, make it unique. Maybe the pencil has additional features such as higher resistance to the writing lead breakage or a comfortable grip or something like that.

Have a simple, yet effective USP.

If you are selling a book online about “making money online”, make sure that you have something to differentiate yourself from the rest of the people out there. If you have an online store, what makes it unique? Free shipping or do you have same day delivery?

Strategy 17: Test Locally and Deploy Internationally

Make sure that you release your product to a local audience first. Test it and see how it fares. If you can’t make sales locally, there is not much chance that you will make huge sales on an international level. Choose your local test market in such a way that there is a demand for the product there.

If you have an email list of people who have subscribed for information from you, try selling them your product at a discounted price. Some people call it internal launch. See how well they receive it. Make tweaks and improve constantly. This way you can increase sales online.

Strategy 18: Reinvest Your Profits

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case – Robert G. Allen

It’s always a good bet to reinvest what you get from your business into your business. Never try to spend your business income for unnecessary things (Do you really need a new couch or a fancy office?). You must always have a cash reserve in case you plan for expansions in the future.

In order to increase sales, you must have a good product. TO ensure that you have a good product, you need to invest in research and development. Use your business income to fuel the R&D process and not withdraw a huge salary for yourself.

Strategy 19: Be Professional

I recently went to a new doctor and noticed he was located in something called the Professional Building. I felt better right away. – George Carlin

As your business expands, it would be difficult to manage your business on your own. When required, make sure that you recruit people who can align themselves with your values and business goals.

Being an online business, not many can afford to hire a HR. So, handpick the people you want. If you want to increase sales, then you need a dedicated team to help you with your goals.

Strategy 20: See Your Employees as Your Co-Workers

Never try to be bossy. Always make your employees feel that you are a part of them. If you try to portray yourself as the boss and others as workers, it may affect their morale.

Most people, who have online businesses, hire work at home people or have a virtual team. In that case, make sure you don’t sound arrogant and always pay them on time.

Strategy 21: Your Employees Are Your Greatest Assets

In case of delayed payments, it must never occur to your employees that you are purposefully delaying payments. In case of dire situations, inform your employees beforehand that there will be a delay.

If you have field staff, give those people hands on training. You must make sure that they are well versed with answers to any questions your prospective customers might ask.

Try to bring up people within your team. This will greatly boost the confidence and morale of your employees. Employee people local to the place whenever possible and if you have outstation employees support them as much as you can.

The quality of your employees can have a direct effect on how well your product sells. If you have a great team, not only will you products be great, but your team will find and solve issues faster and innovate easier.

Strategy 22: Be Honest

Achievements on the golf course are not what matters, decency and honesty are what matter. – Tiger Woods

File your income tax correctly. If you are not well versed with accounting, hire someone who can do it for you. If you provide services, give a money back guarantee to your customers. If you cannot provide the service as described, never hesitate to make a refund (If possible, a no questions asked refund).

Strategy 23: Provide Unmatched After Sales Service

If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will. -Bob Hooey

This is one area which I see many businesses fail in. They market their product, sell to their customers, and then no news from their support team.

It is equally important that you provide support to your customers. Only happy customers result in repeat buys and quality referrals. Do not forget the fact that word of mouth is still the best mode of establishing a brand and increasing sales.

Strategy 24: Set Up an Incentive Program for Your Sales Team

What motivates your employees to sell more other than your monthly pay check? If you have no incentives, then when most people reach their sales quote, they won’t try to sell any more. After all, what’s in it for them to work harder just to make a few more sales?

Provide incentive to your sales team and you’ll see that your sales will mostly increase after setting up the incentive. It can be anything from getting featured for the month on your company website or extra pay. See what works with your employees and give them what they want.

Strategy 25: Keep Testing

Keep testing your products or service. Experiment with your ad copy, your price points, your website structure, promotions you are running and so on. Only after a lot of testing can you come up with the most effective way to increase sales.

If your business is web based, then make sure you use conversion optimization techniques to test and find out the most effective way to close the sale.

Strategy 26: Always Over Deliver :)

It really makes your customers smile when they get something extra. You want your customers to smile and be happy for them to come back to you.

When I do consulting, if there are small jobs like helping customers with some technical aspects of their website, I do it for them without charging anything extra. Sometimes when they come to me with small tasks, I do it without taking payments. These small things has helped me retain my most loyal and highest paying customers.

Your Turn:

What do you do to increase sales volume? Do you find any other sales techniques that should have been mentioned? What is your #1 sales technique that out performs all others? Let me know in the comments.

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    • Adarsh Thampy says

      Hey Ana,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, this is a new blog I launched recently. I sold off all my other blogs to focus on my core competency- Search & content marketing.

        • shahzada zarbaft says

          Its very informative material about sales but there is not mentioned any thing about customer relationship or the( PUBLIC RELATIONSHIP) PR is the most impacting way to boos the sales its the best way to start the strong sales

  1. Ben Spak says

    Adarsh, let me know if you’d be interested in exchanging links, you’re blog would be a great resource for my readers.

  2. abdul says

    hey Adarsh. good points,but how will u increse sales as a team leader of sales & marketing in an fmcg industry/ a retail store?

    • Adarsh Thampy says


      For FMCG, if you are looking to increase sales, I’d go with cutting down the options you give to consumers. Too many options confuses them. If possible, choose two or three brands only for each section.

      If you are thinking about online reach, then you could do Facebook marketing, offer coupons and deals. There is a lot you can do actually. It all depends upon your strategy, business goals, and current status.

      • abdulmaik says

        Currently, I am putting items on promotions at the sale point & the shelves with the price tags showing its reduced prices. Still the reaction is low. how can increase the reaction/responds?

        • Adarsh Thampy says

          What kind of products are you promoting at lower prices? maybe the demand for the item is low. Or the offer is not enticing enough. Can you be more detailed in the problem?

        • says

          Move it to a more prominent location and raise the price instead. I have heard that this sometimes works. The perception of the product changes which creates more of an interest and response rather than leaving it on the bottom shelf with a sale sticker on it.

  3. Jim SU says

    Hi, Adarsh, very useful points actually. But if you are dealing with some middleman or reseller, what will you do to boost your sales volume? Since their orders will mostly come from their final customers.

    • Adarsh Thampy says

      Hi Jim,

      In such a case, I’d be more aggressive in getting more resellers/middleman on board to boost sales volume. If that’s not an option, try talking with your current resellers and try to understand the bottleneck they are facing. Is there something you can do to improve their sales? If yes, then do it!

      • Jim SU says

        Hi, Adarsh
        Thanks for your reply!
        The only thing I can do now is lowing the price, they care little about my product’s quality, thought we invest a lot on R&D.
        It is a delima that when I lower the price, my brand will be harmed.
        Is that possible we lower the price but still keep the value of our brand?

        • Adarsh Thampy says

          I’m strongly against lowering the prices. Once you get caught in the price game, you’ll forever be stuck there. Instead of lowering the prices, see if you can deliver more value for the current price.

          Have you asked your resellers why they are not concerned about the quality? Do they not care for their customers? I think you should figure that out first.

          • Jim SU says

            I am also worry about the price game, since they only buy our cheapest products and sell them to some third world countries, seems they do not want to buy our high quality products.
            Maybe to find more customers is a better way for us.
            What other strategies would you use to promote your products around the world except advertising or build production centers?
            For now, we have used most the strategy you suggested upon.

        • Dave Butler says

          Hi Jim,

          avoid lowering the price on higher quality products where possible – short term promotions can work, but when surrounded by lower priced products the impact of the price promotion is limited.

          I’m not sure what line of selling you are in, but I am in the retail convenience sector and find that by limiting customers options to higher quality products, they have no choice but to spend that little bit extra – they will always make a purchase (remember, I am in convenience, so the majority of customers coming to shop are in need of the product they are looking at!)

          Lowering the price of a product, can be counter productive – short term sales might increase briefly, long term the product can be devalued good – i.e. the product will only sell when on discount!!

          My advice would be to remove cheaper products and aggressively advertise higher quality products through point of sale material etc

          • says

            Hi Jim,

            In your case the best thing to do is to start looking for other re-sellers that will value your product and want to sell it. It seems to me that your current middleman does not know well your product and care only about making some bucks from it in short term – he does not think about developing further markets and having strong presence in long run.

            Nowadays, online – LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. every connection can be found, even on the other side of the world. It is only required to have a plan and patience.


  4. says

    The ideas mentioned in above context are good but found effective mostly for FMCG goods or alike.Would you please suggest ideas to increase sales of industrial products having Niche market.

  5. Lisa says

    Hi Adash,

    Thank you for your ideas! I found some of them are inspiring!
    But how can you keep your sales goes up and price keep strong ?Especially the world economy is at the stage of slow recovery and still faced with numerous uncertain factors now.

    • Adarsh Thampy says

      Hey Lisa,

      The trick is to provide outstanding value. Your customers would be happy to buy from you as long as you can deliver on your promise (you should over deliver actually).

      Which industry are you in?

  6. AGHA HASSAN says

    Hi Adarsh,
    I went thru all what was there in the blog and am quite impressed by the way u see things. Can u clear me whether the same goes with Real Estate industry too. Developing and selling lands, high rises etc…? Or even more precise strategies if any?

  7. Anurag Vij says

    Dear Mr. Adarsh,

    I read your blog and its really interested, full of knowledge, very helpful for people like us who dont have that much experience.

    Thanks a lot.


    Anurag Vij

  8. PK JAISWAL says

    Hi Adarh,
    I want to increase my sale of my computer assessaries Product Like laptop battery,laptop charger And other laptop assessories but our Price is high the my compititer then sussest me how can i sale out it .

  9. Linda Smith says

    Very well put. In fact many a times sales people get so caught up in what he/she wants to sell that they discard hearing the customer out.

    We feel that aggressively talking about the features of a product will awe the customer and leads to a sale. This DOES NOT work. I have been selling subscriptions for a website and all the sales I have made is because I connected with the customer at a personal level, understood his/her needs and did not sell them a dream.

    The bottom line is that people buy things from you because they like you, you speak the truth, you understand them and are sensitive to what they are looking for, not because you got a great spiel.

    • shadrack says

      Linda you are right,clients are not interested with the features of what you offer but rather the benefits they will get from the service we offer.
      i agree with you

  10. Priyanka says

    We are a startup and have a product which is an employee referral software. Our TG is the US market. We are working hard to bag our 1st client . Any suggestions to help expedite the 1st client acquisition process?

  11. shadrack says

    i am an insurance agent and this definitely will help me big, at least i have learned techniques to get repeat sales,
    very vital information there

    • Adarsh Thampy says

      Hello Vanaja,

      WHen margins are thin, the best way to make more money is to increase sales volume. Find more retailers or get your sales force to sell more. Also, try negotiating with the company to increase margins.

  12. Razi says

    Hello Sir,
    Appreciate your valuable hints & tips I have search google & sent several emails for sales marketing about our products so far no response from customers can you please advise what will be best possibility.

    • Adarsh Thampy says

      Hello Razi,

      I am assuming you searched for customers online and sent them a cold email. WHile that’s not the best way to reach customers, it’s not the worst way either. Sometimes, you have to do unconventional things to get noticed. Are you in the B2B sector or in the B2C? Also, cold emails work only at scale. Sending a few hundred or even a few thousand might not get you the response required.

      • Corrie says

        I’m the new sales consultant for this company. Have eleven years experience as a sales consultant and was extremely successful in the same industry. However I’ve moved from one area to another and the way sales are conducted is totally different. I have to built up my own customer base in this part of the Country and we have at least eighteen suppliers of the same product at better prices. I’ve done cold calling, telesales, mailshots, e-mail introductions, follow-up calls and nothing seems to work. I do not sell anything.

        We have excellent products and I keep on hammering on product benefits. I have a feeling that people (in this area) only buy from people that has been known to them for years. I’m a new face and people don’t seem to trust woman.

        I need to increase my sales urgently. I know how to sell and I always look after my clients. That’s why I was so successful at the previous company.

  13. Anestasha Mey says

    Hi Adarsh

    I really enjoyed the content on your blog, which i can start implementing into my company.

    I found that i can use these techniques to sell an Online Fleet Management Solution to help fleet managers to manage all of their expenses on one system. These techniques can easily e used for the selling of services and products alike.

    Thank you so much for all the help, will be following your blogs for more insight :)

  14. sorin says

    Hi Adarsh,

    I was wondering if you can tell me how I can increase my sells in my little business. We produce italian biscuits and we sell them at the markets and yes a few wholesale kind of catering companies or coffee shops. But its not working very well as the markets are up and down from week to week and the wholesale companies order than and than. Thanks.

  15. Al says

    Good day sir Adarsh :) im al feliciano from the philippines. I have just read your blog or article and its very useful. My boss put me in sales and its not my field :) i have studied more on operations and quality management. But google helped me to find your link. Your article is really great which could help dummies like me or professionals who do sales or new in sales :) Thank you sir and i really appreciated it . I gain some confidence and ideas :) goodluck to you sir!

  16. ezekiel says

    hi Adarsh,

    i work in a telecom industry, as a retail advisor, what are the new ways or method i can implore to increase my sale in order to meet up targets set for me by my sales manager. note i am from Nigeria. looking forward to your response.

    secondly, i am preparing for an interview, on Customer Value Management. please any idea on this Topic? if yes please kindly furnish me with the necessary datails i need to prepare.

    • sami ullah says

      Respected Sir,
      I want to open shop of garments in my city which is in pakistan,but my personnel shop is not in a good location.Around my shop which shops are there that types are cloth house,some tailors,jewlers and some automobile shops.200 meter from my shop have a main market where is some garments shop and that is a rush area.please tell me the some techniques to run my shop as a profit able in out of location.Because i want open shop in my own shop and my own shop is out of market.can I open that or not?
      Warm regards.

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    Great overview of inbound marketing and some of the potential it can offer. We at stone road media have experienced similar situations within our niche and agree that this is undoubtedly the indisputable marketing strategy of the future. Companies no longer need to waste their entire budget on TV commercials and magazine ads. These strategies, along with a developing use of technology in our everyday lives, expose the true potential of small businesses and create better economic situation for all. #Quality is King

  18. sami ullah says

    your blog is a good.
    Please give me suggestion about my shop running as profit able.\
    I want to open my shop of garments in my city which is in pakistan,but my personnel shop is not in a good location.Around my shop which shops are there that types are cloth house,some tailors,jewlers and some automobile shops.200 meter from my shop have a main market where is some garments shop and that is a rush area.please tell me the some techniques to run my shop as a profit able in out of location.Because i want open shop in my own shop and my own shop is out of market.can I open that or not?

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    Thank you for this great article with useful and detailed information! I covered this article in a review recently for our readers, and I’ll definitely be checking back for more resources from you in the future!

    Harper Roark

  20. Amit0486 says

    Hey Adarsh….Please let me know how to do product marketing if there are lots of boundation by the government. Actually i am talking about tabbacco and cigrate product. and tell me about how to face and resolve cut rate issue of the product price.

  21. says

    Running customer rewad programs can obviously key to increase the sales. Many small businesses believes reward programs are quite effective way to enhance the business. Thanks for sharing informative post !

  22. vj says

    hi Adharsh,

    Very informative blog. :-)

    I have been working as a promoter for a brand and had good sales record. Now recently i have joined in our rival company who are the leaders in this product i have joined here as an in charge. what would u suggest me to get a grip on the new job role. I will be looking after all our key accounts.

    I am handling electronic product, please advice.

    Great Regards.

  23. Minnie Buenaventura says

    1. Product Knowledge
    2. Believe in the product/service
    3. Excellent After-Sales Service.

    My belief that Customer satisfaction is one of the most important things in my Sales Career, this is reflected by receiving numerous compliments from group/client contacts and from both internal and external customers while employed at different companies.

  24. Richi says

    Can you please tell me about how to increase the sales of a product in FMCG sector(note:-(1)product is already in the market , and (2) Product is new into the market?
    explain both cases

  25. Youtiful Moisture says

    Hi Adarsh, great input, thank you.

    I recently started a natural hair product business, and would like to increase my sales, and my online presence. What do I do. Please help. Thank you.

  26. jed says

    hey dude, i am selling contact lenses but my shop location is extremely bad in the central town area.
    there is on average less than 400 passer by, there is no anchor tenant around our building. we have try several marketing campaign with flyers and promoters running around. but there is no needs for this kind of services in this area. my shop is located in basement 2 which not much flow of traffics.

  27. Abiola says

    Adarsh, thanks, how can i increase my writing ideal and how can i develop my sales team and creative ideal.

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    Hi Adarsh,

    I am in telecom industry.
    Thanks for sharing this article.
    Its help me a lot for making my sales strategy plan.
    But do you please tell me how can we attract more customer on a new brand while this brand is expensive also giving same feature as other brand giving?

    awaiting for your kind input on this.


  29. AAKRITI says

    Hi Adarsh, very informative blog. And please suggest some latest IT tools which can be useful (in order to increase sales or flow of processes) for FMCG setor.

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    Hi Adarsh,

    Just need some advice, I have a warehouse full of old stock, I just need to know how am i able to clear all those old stock. My shop has all the new items but now the old stocks are just collecting dust. Really need you to help me with this. Now we need to generate more money and with the new rule or the implementation of GST in Malaysia things are getting real bad.


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    I would really like to appreciate you Adarsh for this great input. The sales techniques you mentioned about looks really great and i hope it will work great as well. Keep posting stuff like this dude!!

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    Thank you for the inspiring business growth tips. I am in technology based field. And currently the business is slow. I give technical support and also do sell accessories. Whats the best way to boost? An innovative way since i have tried a couple of things and don’t seem to work.

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    My belief that Customer satisfaction is one of the most important things in my Sales Career, this is reflected by receiving numerous compliments from group/client contacts and from both internal and external customers while employed at different companies.

  34. Dhananjay Kumar says

    Good input liked it

    Can you let me know to how streamline the industrial business

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    All the points you mentioned above are great.I agreed content is the most important thing which should be focused.For better results website, content must be updated.To get more traffic make the design of your web page more attractive.

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    I want to know how to increase the sale of a launching product. But without anykind of ads

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    For this great kindness shown, God will bless you, the works of your hands, Amen.
    You’re doing a good job, keep it up.

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