Small Business SEO Pricing 101

The number one concern for most clients who approach me for SEO service is the cost of the service. Well, in this section, I’ll try to break down the cost of the project and help you assess the value SEO is going to bring to your business.

How to Decide If SEO Is Worth It?

Let’s assume that being on page 1 for your desired keyword is going to bring you 1000 extra visitors each month. Assuming the conversion rate is 5%, a total of 50 people would convert. If the value of each visitor who converts is 100$, then your business has just increased the turn over by 5000$ a month.

SEO is not just for a month. When done right, it will keep giving you repeat business. That means a one-time investment in SEO will generate profits month after month.

To understand if SEO is the right path to take, calculate the profits you are going to make with the increased number of visitors over a period of 3 months. From the above example, you will make 15000$. If the cost of the project is less than this amount, obviously, SEO is worth your investment.

How I Give SEO Quotes?

When you request for a quote, I’d go through a checklist to figure out the approximate pricing for the project.

  1. How tough is the competition? Are you trying to rank in a highly competitive market where being on page 1 brings in a lot of revenue? If so, then there are a lot of people investing money to take the top spots (Through SEO and brand building). Competition is assed based on the keyword you want to rank for
  2. How long will the project take? A project that takes me 100 hours would obviously cost more than a project which takes me only 10 hours
  3. How much work do I have to do on your site? Is your site a complete mess when it comes to on page SEO? Do I have to dive into the technical stuff or do you have an IT team that can handle this?
  4. How demanding is the project? Do you want to get ranked faster than normal? Would it include me spending countless hours at night helping you rank?
  5. Frequency of payment- If you want a month on month contract, it’s going to cost you more compared to a normal contract where I charge the project amount upfront

How Much Will Be the SEO Pricing for Your project?

It depends on a number of factors (please go through the section above). It can go anywhere between 1000$ to 5 figures for the entire project. If you are strictly on a budget, you can also consider my SEO audits aimed at DIY business owners with basic SEO and technical knowledge.

Is There a Discount for Project With Multiple Keywords?

Simple answer: no.

If you choose multiple keywords, that does not mean I have to do less amount of work. Usually I do not give discounts or lower my rates because I am extremely choosy when it comes to my clients. I also do not take on more than 3-5 clients at a time to maintain the quality of my service.

If you are a non-profit organization, we can talk about discounting rates.

How Frequently Should You Make Payments?

  • For projects that cost less than 1000$, I require 100% upfront payments
  • For projects that cost between 1000$ and 5000$, 50% upfront and 50% after first month
  • For projects above 5000$, we can discuss custom payment plans (Milestone based)
  • I do month to month contract only for projects that cost more than 1000$.
  • There will be a one-time project fee of 397$ paid upfront.

How Do Clients Make Payments?

Once we agree upon the pricing, and frequency of payment, I’ll send you an invoice. You can make payments via credit card. Once my payment gateway processor clears the fraud check, we are good to go.

SEO is all about getting the right people to your website. And that’s why you should invest in the right person to take care of your SEO requirements. Hit me up with your requirements and let’s get started.