Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

I’m tired.

No, not tired of writing awesome content.

I’m just tired of people saying bullshit about traditional marketing methods.

I am a content marketer. I believe in the power of content and its ability to build a following and engage customers.

That doesn’t mean that I should say that traditional marketing is dead or that content marketing is the only marketing left. Content marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing, whatever the name you call it, it’s not the only way you should try to market your business.

Why Traditional Marketing is Not Dead?

traditional marketing is dead
Believe it or not, content marketing is not the only way you should be marketing your business. Traditional means of advertising such as print, television, radio, and even yellow pages are still very much alive and kicking.

Assuming you live in a perfect world where all of your customers use the same medium, understand your marketing message thoroughly, and is happy to get involved with your cause via the same medium, content marketing maybe the only marketing ever left.

But, the world we know is far from being perfect.

Not everyone likes to be engaged via social media, not all of your customers are searching for a solution online, and not everyone is consuming high value content via your blog or video streaming sites.

People still watch TV (a lot), listen to radio, read print newspapers and make use of yellow pages.

I live in India, a place where literacy rate is extremely high. Yet, not many people prefer online payments, not everyone likes readings blogs and the only reason 90% of the people use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter is to keep up with friends, or find entertainment.

Most people don’t want to read your high value content. They are not interested in your webinar. Heck they don’t even want to see your activity in their Facebook feeds or Twitter stream when they don’t even have time to interact with their friends. There’s very little chance that they are going to sign up for your blog updates either unless they are really passionate about your brand in the first place.

Most of the time, you’ll have to do interruption marketing in order to get your brand noticed. It worked for a long time, works very well now, and will keep on working for a long time to come.

So Content Marketing is A Waste of Time?

No. In fact, content marketing is an awesome way to market your business.

You are just approaching content marketing in a wrong way. I can’t blame you. Many inbound marketers like to spread the idea that it’s something so big that rest of the marketing methods is practically worthless. It makes sense because their business model is based on people believing in inbound marketing.

You approach to content marketing should be in a way that complements your existing traditional marketing methods.

Embracing content marketing doesn’t mean you drop other marketing methods. And anyone who says you need to do so is a complete moron.

Use content marketing as a way to boost your existing business by acquiring more customers through additional marketing channels. That’s the way it should be done unless you have absolute data that proves you are not acquiring a single customer via traditional marketing methods.

Over to you:

What’s your opinion about the death of traditional marketing? Is it true or am I being too naive in thinking that all marketing work and none should be considered the epitome of marketing?

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  1. Vic says

    I agree with you a hundred percent – content marketing is strong. traditional markeitn is not dead and wont be dead for many year to come – keep in mind the lower class is increasing at the same speed of technology. walked into jack in the box the other day saw a self serving machine – where you order and pay – they now only have 2 people in the back and 1 in the front to give you the food – you know what this means -those two that people that got fired will not be able to afford a tablet or a smart phone meaning they still will be reading newspapers, buying magazines and watching tv all day. As everything advances – allows agencies to use the digital space in multiples forms to market and advertise – we know digital is takign over – but once it gets to a point where it removes job -do we want to implement these into our society ?

  2. says

    I totally agree traditional marketing is not dead– at least not yet (!). We are so into the digital marketing niche and spend so much time on the internet we tend to forget a lot of people live mostly in the offline world.

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